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Since 1762, the name Hill has represented a combination of craftsmanship and the highest standards of expertise that W. E. Hill & Sons continues to offer, with a long and distinguished history of instrument and bow making.


New Work

Using the resources provided by the Hill archive, access to rare instruments and centuries of experience allows W. E. Hill & Sons to provide the music world with the finest tools for performance.

Under the direction of Robert Brewer Young and Stefan-Peter Greiner, violins modeled after Stradivari - including the Messiah of 1716 - the best of Bergonzi and the work of Guarneri del Gesù are being made as part of the Hill heritage.

Derek Wilson, who joined Hill in 1978, oversees the making of bows that offer the excellence of an enduring English tradition.



The Hill workshop is located in the historic coach house and stables of Burgh House from 1704 in London Hampstead. In the tradition of Hill we have assembled a team of the finest craftsmen and most talented luthiers of the day.

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