Using the resources provided by the Hill archive, access to rare instruments and centuries of experience allows W. E. Hill & Sons to provide the music world with the finest tools for performance.

Below are a few of the established products, with many more in development including Hill bridges, pegs and chinrests, a Hill music stand and more.

hill e string.jpg

The “Hill” Special Steel Violin E String

Favoured by many professional players, Hill E-Strings assist in gaining both clarity and power from your instrument.

Available in weak, medium, and strong tensions.

Loop and Ball ends are available.


W. E. Hill & Sons Peg Paste

This special peg paste from W. E. Hill & Sons is a composition to ease sticking pegs.

peg paste.jpg

hill dark.jpg

W. E. Hill & Sons Rosin

Made to the original W. E. Hill & Sons recipe using a unique blend of oils and resins.

Available in dark and light varieties.


W. E. Hill & Sons Varnish Cleaner

This Hill preparation liquid is specially blended for the cleaning and restoring of traditional varnishes.

hill varnish cleaner.jpg